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GoldenEye (1995)
d. Martin Campbell, 130 minutes

Opening Credits, Title Sequence

Maurice Binder's traditionally-animated gun-barrel was replaced by
Daniel Kleinman's computer animation.
Tuxedo-wearing Bond stood stiffly upright as he fired his gun in the gun-barrel.
Main Title Sequence: Designed by Daniel Kleinman
Title Song: "GoldenEye" (sung by Tina Turner)

Film Plot Summary

The pre-title credits sequence opened with a dark-clad figure (revealed as Agent 007 James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)) running across the top of a dam, and then bungee-jumping down the massive face of the concrete structure. As he approached the bottom, he utilized his piton-firing laser gun to reel himself in and to cut open a steel door on the platform of the Soviet Union's Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility. He slipped into the men's rest-room, knocked out a uniformed general on the toilet ("Beg your pardon, forgot to knock"), and approached the kitchen and mess hall, where he joined forces with Agent 006 Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean) (who first held him at gunpoint and spoke to him in Russian). The two secretly infiltrated into the lab, where 006 killed one of the technicians (# 1 death). With a digital code-breaking device (electronic keypad), Bond cracked the entry door access code to a storage area containing large tanks of volatile gas chemicals. As they placed explosive charges (set to detonate in six minutes), they were detected. Initially, 006 shot two guards (# 2-3 deaths), but then the agents were assaulted by a larger squad of soldiers led by the ruthless Soviet base commander, General Arkady Ouromov (Gottfried John).

After a brief gunfight (number of deaths unknown), 006 was captured (and apparently executed with a gunshot to the head by Ouromov, as Alec called out: "For England, James") but Bond refused to surrender as he reset the timers to three minutes. As 007 attempted to escape, Ouromov shot one of his men who carelessly fired at Bond (# 4 death) and risked puncturing a barrel and blowing up the entire facility. 007 escaped on a conveyor belt, while sending barrels from the racks onto his pursuers.

Outside, Bond mowed down many of the soldiers (number of deaths unknown) as he retreated from a hail of Russian bullets. He raced after a light plane taxiing for take-off on a cliff-top landing strip hundreds of feet above the valley floor. He threw the pilot from the controls, and then to catch up to the plane as it flew off the cliff's edge, Bond hijacked a downed Cagiva military motorcycle, accelerated and jumped the cliff to free-fall after the plane. After sky-diving, he miraculously regained control of the plunging craft and flew off, as the explosives spectacularly blew up the Arkangel Facility (number of deaths unknown).

After the credits, nine years later, Bond sped along a mountain road above Monte Carlo (in the South of France) in his sleek, gray 1964 Aston Martin DB5. His passenger was nervous MI6 agent Caroline (Serena Gordon), sent by his superior to psychologically evaluate him - she was fearfully panicked and complaining about the "spirited ride," when they were followed by a 1995 red Ferrari Spider convertible. After Bond exchanged a flirtatious smile with "the next girl" - the red-gloved brunette driver of the other car, they engaged in a dangerous car race down the hill, evading obstacles such as a hay-truck and a group of ascending cyclists. She eventually outmaneuvered Bond and sped away into the distance, when Bond obeyed Caroline's order to stop his car. He deferred to her: "As you can see, I have no problem with female authority." He seduced her with his car's refrigerated compartment holding Bollinger champagne, and although she claimed he was "incorrigible," she acquiesed and willingly kissed Bond (Bond joked: "Let's toast to your evaluation, shall we? A very thorough evaluation"). (# 1 tryst)

Upon Bond's arrival that evening at a Monte Carlo casino, he spotted the red Ferrari parked outside. He found the exotically-dressed mystery-driver betting at the baccarat table, suggestively smoking a long cigar. He competed against her when no one else would challenge her, but lost the first round, while mentioning that they shared three of the "same passions." She said that she only counted two: "motoring and baccarat" - both of which he had lost: "I hope the third is where your real talent lies." He claimed "one rises to meet a challenge" and won the second hand. When she left the table, he followed after her and ordered drinks for both of them ("vodka martini, shaken not stirred") although she wanted hers "straight up, with a twist." He introduced himself, customarily, after which she identified herself as Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp (Famke Janssen), speaking with a Georgian-Russian accent. He questioned her counterfeit license plates on her Ferrari. Their discussion was interrupted when she departed with Canadian Naval Admiral Chuck Farrel (Billy J. Mitchell) of the Department of National Defence. As she boarded the Admiral's yacht the Manticore, Bond watched from afar with a digital zoom camera, transmitting her photograph linked to a computerized thermal printer in his Aston Martin. The transmission was received by secretary Moneypenny (Samantha Bond), identifying Onatopp as an ex-Soviet fighter-pilot with "current suspected links to the Janus crime syndicate, St. Petersburg." The Manticore was leased to a known Janus corporate front. Bond was authorized by his superior M (Judi Dench) to "observe" Onatopp but it was stipulated there was to be "no contact without prior approval." Moneypenny ended the transmission: "I hope you'll stay 'on-a-topp' of things."

During a love-making scene on the luxury yacht with Canadian Admiral Farrel, the nymphomaniacal assassinatrix (with black eye shadow and red lips) achieved orgasm while suffocating him with her long legged, muscle-bound thighs used as a body scissors-vice clamped around his mid-section (# 5 death) (she liked to be 'on-top'). While Farrel was dying, an unknown figure (presumably Ouromov) stole his ID badge from his coat pocket. The next day, Bond boarded the Manticore, where he fought off a crew-member, and then found Farrel's corpse stuffed into a closet, but he was ultimately unable to stop Onatopp's scheme.

On board a French naval vessel, Onatopp arrived accompanied by an accomplice who was posing as Farrel. The first working prototype of a stealth helicopter, named the Tiger, was being unveiled on the upper deck - a new heavily armed, state-of-the-art NATO aircraft hardened against all forms of electronic interference, radio jamming, and electromagnetic radiation ("Europe's answer to the electronic battlefield"). Below the deck, Onatopp seductively distracted the helicopter's two test pilots, then shot them dead (# 6-7 deaths), hijacked the helicopter with Ouromov, and flew off during the demonstration - both were members of the Russian-led Janus criminal syndicate. They flew the copter to the Soviet Space Weapons Control Centre, a Russian space installation in Severnaya, Russia (Siberia), also the locale of a secret underground space station. One of Bond's future allies who worked there was Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco), a former Russian level-two systems computer programmer/hacker. Simonova worked alongside nerdy computer genius Boris Grishenko (Alan Cumming), who prided himself on his hacking skills ("I am invincible") when he playfully entered into the US Department of Justice computers.

After the Tiger copter landed outside Severnaya Station, Xenia Onatopp and Ouromov (now head of the Space Division) entered the Centre. Ouromov announced an unscheduled inspection of the base, and a test-firing of GoldenEye (the name for the Soviet's secret space-based nuclear weapons program) with two operational satellites (named Petya and Mischa, both in 90 minute earth orbits at 100 kilometers). From the base's commanding officer, Ouromov requested the GoldenEye disc (the activation device for the weapon - a card-shaped object resembling a golden eye) and the day's access numbers (the firing keys for the arming device) for the Petya satellite. After they were handed over, Onatopp massacred the entire staff with a machine-gun, obviously taking orgasmic delight in the carnage (number of deaths unknown). The physically-lethal, sociopathic female exhibited sadistic pleasure in creating the carnage with a machine-gun.

Afterwards, the two criminals gained access to the satellite control system, unlocked the arming device of one of the GoldenEye rogue satellites, activated the weapon, and targeted Severnaya itself by placing the Petya satellite in a new orbit. The satellite in space shed its camouflage covering, revealing a nuclear bomb inside. Simonova and Grishenko (outside smoking a cigarette) were the only two who escaped the slaughter. When one of the lethally-wounded staff pushed an alarm button to cause the scrambling of three Russian MIG fighters to investigate - Simonova cleverly hid in a lower kitchen storage cabinet and evaded detection by Onatopp. The two criminals (taking traitorous Grishenko with them) fled in the Tiger helicopter, knowing that the Control Centre was targeted for destruction in a matter of minutes.

In London, England, Moneypenny (Samantha Bond) escorted Bond into the situation room to speak to his superior, M (Judi Dench). He complimented the secretary on her lovely "after-hours" professional attire: "Dressing to kill?" She good-naturedly boasted about being on a theater date with a gentleman, causing Bond to mention he was "devastated," claiming: "What would I ever do without you?" She quipped: "As far as I can remember, James, you've never had me." He replied: "Hope springs eternal." She joked that their conversation could qualify as sexual harrassment, and Bond asked if there was a penalty. Moneypenny asserted: "Someday you have to make good on your innuendos."

Bond was informed by M's chief of staff Bill Tanner (Michael Kitchen) about what radar on spy satellites had detected at the abandoned station at the Severnaya facility - the discovery of the missing-stolen Tiger helicopter, something that Bond had guessed. Tanner referred to Bond's boss as the "evil Queen of Numbers " because she didn't believe Bond's hunch - and then received an amusing put-down when M overheard his sarcastic comment. M wrongly discounted rumors that Severnaya was the base for the Russian's secret weapons system dubbed GoldenEye, because they had "neither the finance nor the technology to implement it." As three MIG fighters approached Severnaya, Simonova emerged from her hiding place, and saw the countdown on the display board, indicating that the nuclear weapon inside the GoldenEye pulse-strike satellite (Petya) was about to explode. A blinding flash from the space satellite's blast fired a huge electro-magnetic pulse toward the Russian facility. Two MIGs in flight were destroyed, and the third MIG crashed into its outdoor radar-satellite dish (# 8-10 deaths). The massive crippling explosion, a first-strike Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), also destroyed and collapsed the entire complex, and short-circuited all the electronics - and the British lost their satellite feed. Simonova escaped the burning wreckage through the centre's roof by climbing up a collapsed gantry, and emerged into the freezing Arctic weather where she searched for Boris.

Further investigation when a new British satellite came on-line revealed that the EMP radiation surge destroyed everything with an electronic circuit within a 30-mile radius. It was no accident - the Tiger helicopter was the "perfect getaway vehicle" for such an incident - a blast that had wiped away any trace of the crime (the theft and misuse of GoldenEye). Somehow or other, the Janus crime syndicate had acquired the access codes - Bond surmised: "It had to be an insider." Through the satellite's thermal image sensor, he noticed there was one survivor leaving the wreckage who probably knew the identity of the "insider." The Russians claimed it was an accident that had occurred during a routine training exercise. M believed that the Janus group was involved - they were "top-flight arms dealers, headquartered in St. Petersburg" - but their head man was unidentified (with no photographs), and Onatopp was the only confirmed link or contact. However, General Ouromov was also suspected as having acquired the access codes, with personal designs on becoming the "next iron man of Russia." When M suspected that Bond didn't like her or her methods, and only thought of her as an accountant or bean counter, she called Bond a "sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War whose boyish charms, though wasted on me, obviously appeal to that young woman I sent out to evaluate you." Although she accused him of having a "cavalier attitude," she affirmed she wouldn't send Bond to his death "on a whim" - she assigned him to find GoldenEye, find who took it, what they planned to do with it, and stop it, but cautioned him about conducting a personal vendetta to avenge Alec Trevelyan's death. She added: "Come back alive."

In St. Petersburg, Russia, General Ouromov reported on his investigation into the Severnaya-GoldenEye incident to the Defense Minister Dimitri Mishkin (Tcheky Karyo) and other Council security chiefs, prematurely concluding that the crime was committed by Siberian separatists seeking to create political unrest. When he threatened to resign, the Council declined his request, only wanting his assurance that there were no other GoldenEye satellites. It also wanted to know the whereabouts of the two missing Severnaya technicians, Boris Grishenko and Simonova. Ouromov was shocked to learn that Simonova was still alive - she obviously would have a different version of the incident.

In the laboratory, Bond met with "Q" (Desmond Llewelyn) to acquire more gadgets for his mission -- a leg cast fitted with a missile-firing device, a new BMW Z3 Roadster car with "all the usual refinements" (including a parachute braking system, all-points radar system, self-destruct mechanism, Stinger missiles behind the headlights, and ejector seat), a leather belt (with 75 foot rappelling cord and explosive piton mechanism in buckle), a phone booth (with concealed air bag to suffocate victim), an X-ray document scanner (disguised as a tea tray), and a Parker Pen with an explosive grenade (armed/disarmed by 3 clicks). Bond flew on British Airways to St. Petersburg, where he met with CIA contact Jack Wade (Joe Don Baker) driving a dilapidated car - he was called "another stiff-assed Brit with your secret codes and your passwords" before Bond insisted on a display of his 'rose' password (a Muffy tattoo on his rear). Wade informed Bond that the mysterious head of Janus was rumored to live on an old Soviet missile train, keeping him untraceable and on the move. It was possible to contact him through his rival competitor, ex-KGB agent turned Russian mafia weapons dealer Valentin Zukovsky (Robbie Coltrane), identified by a limping right leg (given to him in an earlier confrontation with Bond).

Meanwhile, Simonova also arrived via train in St. Petersburg, and entered an IBM computer center, where she posed as an educational purchaser of computers. She claimed she required a quiet place to test one of the demonstration models. On the computer, she used an e-mail program to contact colleague Boris, who thought she was dead. She wrote: "Ouromov killed everyone. Fired 'Petya' - Took Goldeneye." He replied: "You aren't safe. Trust no one." They arranged to meet at the Church of Our Lady of Smolensk in one hour - there, she was met by Boris - and then betrayed to Janus through Xenia Onatopp! At the same time in a bar-nightclub, Bond confronted Zukovsky with his gun pressed to the man's temple - Zukovsky recognized the sound of the trigger click: "Walther PPK. 7.6 millimeter. Only three men I know use such a gun. I believe I've killed two of them." One of his henchmen disarmed Bond, as Zukovsky sarcastically expressed his lack of amusement with Bond: "James Bond. Charming, sophisticated secret agent. Shaken, but not stirred." Before risking being shot, Bond requested a favor - a meeting later that afternoon at Kirov's funeral parlor. There, the deal was explained -- Zukovsky's weapons-dealer rival would be set up and captured during a heist, in exchange for Bond's contact with Janus (headed by a "Lienz Cossack"), a traitorous organization that stole a nuclear weapon and killed a lot of innocent Russians. Bond wanted Janus to know he was staying at the Grand Hotel Europe in the city.

At the hotel, where Bond was relaxing in the swimming pool, he sensed the presence of a robed intruder who had entered the Turkish steam bath area. When he held Onatopp at gunpoint, she advised: "You don't need the gun, Commander." He quipped: "That depends on your definition of 'safe sex'." When she passionately embraced and kissed him, he cautioned: "That's close enough" although she demanded: "Not for what I have in mind." She then assaulted Bond, and they struggled in a bout of rough sex play (Xenia: "Oh, you think you can hurt me"). On top of a massage table, she gripped his sides with her deadly scissors-like thighs, enjoying the sexual sensations until he pushed her back against a wall ("Xenia: "You think you can break me"), and then placed her on a hot grating and flipped her over, before regaining his gun and threatening: "No more foreplay. Take me to Janus." She drove Bond to an industrial park where he knocked her out with a karate chop. He found himself in a storage scrapyard littered with broken-down statues and busts of former Soviet leaders. Within the maze of bronze objects, a dark and backlit figure emerged ("Hello, James") -- Bond was shocked as he looked upon the half-scarred face of traitorous defector Alec Trevelyan who had faked his own death ("Back from the dead"), and sneered as he greeted his former friend who was so doggedly loyal to MI6 and its missions: "Her Majesty's loyal terrier, defender of the so-called 'faith'."

Trevelyan described his motivations - he was a descendant of Lienz Cossacks, a group that fought for the Nazis against Russia in WWII. When the war ended, they surrendered to the British, expecting to wage war with them against Russian communism, but the British betrayed them and sent them back to Stalin where they were executed, including women, children, and families. MI6 mistakenly thought that young Alec wouldn't remember the incident. His parents had escaped the execution squad, but committed suicide to end the shame: "The son went to work for the government whose betrayal caused the father to kill himself and his wife." In Trevelyan's twisted mind, he noted the irony that during their Arkangel mission, Bond had failed to save him (and set the timers back to 3 minutes), the same treacherous way that the British had betrayed his parents. His organization was named after Janus, the two-faced Roman god, and he was out to seek revenge. Bond was struck in the neck with a poisonous dart shot by a henchman, and he fell unconscious to the ground.

In the scrapyard, Bond found himself held prisoner with Natalya, who was screaming behind him to "Wake up!" They were both tied in cockpit seats within a French Tiger helicopter. A counter-time was activated and Bond realized they would be targeted in half-a-minute by the helicopter's own launched heat-seeking missiles, doubling-back toward them. He complained: "I'm a little tied up" before head-butting the red emergency escape button on the control console to eject their compartment to safety, just before the incoming missiles struck. Although freed, a distrustful Simonova struggled against Bond, but then they were both surrounded and arrested by Russian troops and brought to a cell. Bond eventually gained her trust, and she told him that computer programmer Boris Grishenko was the inside traitor. When the two were questioned by the Russian Defence Minister Mishkin, Bond told him that he had a traitor in his ranks, while Natalya blurted out to Mishkin that the real traitorous culprit wasn't Boris, but General Ouromov who had stolen the Golden Eye missile access, set it off, and targeted the Severnaya facility for destruction ("He killed everyone and stole the GoldenEye"). She also mentioned the existence of a second GoldenEye satellite. Suddenly, Ouromov burst into the room, and shot Mishkin and his bodyguard dead (# 11-12 deaths), using Bond's Walther PPK to try and frame him. Bond grabbed a guard's weapon as he and Simonova escaped, fleeing and dodging a barrage of bullets from Russian soldiers during a ferocious gunfight in the building's hallways and archive room (# 13-23 deaths, # 1-11 Bond kills). She was recaptured and driven away in a car driven by Ouromov, but Bond escaped with his rappelling line (from his belt) - swinging across the room and crashing through a window into a yard of Russian tanks.

Bond stole one of the massive T55 Russian tanks to pursue Ouromov and Simonova through the streets of St. Petersburg, causing a destructive wake, as he plowed through buildings, a trailer-truck carrying Perrier water, statues, and crashed into dozens of cars and jeeps (number of deaths unknown). The spectacular chase ended at the railyards, where Ouromov transferred Natalya to Janus' (and Trevelyan's) mobile headquarters - a coal-black ICBM-missile armor-plated train, where they were joined by Trevelyan and Xenia. Bond watched as the train departed, and proceeded ahead in his tank to ambush it further along the track. In his ultra-modern sitting room aboard the train, Trevelyan was upset to hear that Bond had escaped and was still alive. He then tried to seduce Natalya ("James and I shared everything, absolutely everything...To the victor go the spoils...You may even learn to like me"), but was interrupted when he learned that Bond's tank was straddling the tracks ahead of them at the entrance to a railway tunnel. Bond fired point-blank at the train as it plunged ahead to ram the tank, and he jumped to safety.

After the immense collision causing the flaming train to derail, Bond entered the rear carriage where he held a stunned Trevelyan and Xenia at gun-point. Ouromov took Natalya hostage (a "bargaining chip"), holding a gun to her head. Trevelyan gave Bond a choice, suggesting he would let the girl live if Bond dropped his gun: "Your friend or the mission." Bond shot and killed Ouromov (# 24 death, # 12 Bond kill), but Xenia and Trevelyan escaped in a roof-top helicopter after booby-trapping the armor-sheathed train compartment with a self-destruct bomb set to explode in three minutes. Simonova used the train's online system to track their destination, learning that the Janus group was based in Cuba. At the same time, Bond used his Omega Sea-Master laser watch to cut through the steel floor of the communications car to create an escape hatch, and they barely survived the explosion. She proposed taking a trip to Cuba with him to assist with her vital computer skills, asking if he knew how to disarm the weapon -- he quipped: "I suppose that depends on what kind of weapon you're talking about disarming" - and they kissed for the first time.

On an unspecified island in the Caribbean, as they drove along in Bond's BMW, a light aircraft landed in front of them -- it was Jack Wade, with a gadget gift-bag from "Q" (later revealed to be an explosive device). He handed over the DEA-borrowed plane to Bond, and briefed the agent on his upcoming mission - warning him about Trevelyan ("He knows you're coming"). Wade specified that a satellite dish capable of operating the GoldenEye didn't exist in Cuba. He then took off in Bond's vehicle. On a beachfront at sunset, Natalya tried to convince Bond to give up his profession -- "All of you, with your guns, your killing, your death. For what? So you can be a hero? All the heroes I know are dead." She argued that he would forever be alone: "It's what keeps you alone" - and then they passionately kissed, and retreated to the beach-house for love-making before a fire in a mosquito-netted bed (# 2 tryst).

The next day, as they headed for Cuba and were engaged in reconnaissance above the jungle searching for a satellite dish, their aircraft was disabled by a ground-to-air missile, shot from beneath a lake's surface. Although the plane crash-landed on the edge of the lake and ended up in a clearing, they were both momentarily knocked unconscious - but alive. A helicopter hovered above them, bearing a harnessed and suspended Xenia Onatopp who attacked after abseiling down, with her trademark scissors-thigh grip ("This time, Mr. Bond, the pleasure will be all mine"). He clipped her into her harnessed rappelling rope, and shot with her weapon toward the circling helicopter above. When the chopper began to crash, Onatopp was propelled backwards into the fork of a Y-shaped tree, where she was brutally crushed by the impact (# 25 death, # 13 Bond kill) (Bond: "She always did enjoy a good squeeze"). The pilot of the helicopter also died in the crash (# 26 death, # 14 Bond kill).

Meanwhile, Trevelyan, the head of Janus in a secret underground lair-control center, was preparing a satellite dish to engage the second GoldenEye satellite, Mischa, and arm it. Bond and Natalya watched as a huge, towering lattice-work structure (with a radio telescope-transmitter antenna) rose out of the lake, followed by a surrounding parabolic dish (1,000 feet in diameter) as the water was drained away from the lake bed. Trevelyan instructed his computer assistant Boris to insert the GoldenEye disc ("the world's greatest cash card"), and specified that his target was London. He was alerted (via a hand-held video display) that Bond and Natalya were scrambling around on the dish, trying to determine how to stop the signaling of the satellite. Guards were ordered to kill them, as they dodged gunfire, slid down the dish's parabola, and hurtled themselves into the center-hole of the dish, giving them access to the control center. Bond killed a few of the guards (# 27-28 deaths, # 15-16 Bond kills) before setting an explosive device to blow up the huge fuel tanks, and then surrendered to capture. As he was taken to Trevelyan, Natalya broke into the computer center's control room to try and prevent the launch. Trevelyan knew about some of Bond's gadgetry, and deactivated the explosive he had set with the agent's Omega wristwatch.

Trevelyan's "ingenious" objective was to commit computer crime by illegally transferring vast funds from the Bank of England (in London), and then trigger the second GoldenEye electro-magnetic pulse over the city to erase their electronic financial schemings and cover up the crime. His techno-terror plot would cause a crippling collapse of London's entire economic system, affecting tax records, the stock market, credit ratings, land registries, criminal records ("The United Kingdom will reenter the Stone Age") - and precipitate a worldwide financial meltdown - all because of Trevelyan's desire for revenge against the UK "to settle a score." He claimed England would learn "the cost of betrayal, inflation-adjusted for 1945."

Natalya was also captured and brought to Trevelyan, where she slapped Boris and called him a "pathetic little worm." Bond watched nervously as Boris inadvertently clicked his Parker Pen, threatening to arm the class-4 explosive grenade hidden inside. Although taken captive, Natalya's attempt to redirect a nuclear device to burn up over the Atlantic Ocean was successful - the satellite's retro-rockets fired and sent it toward re-entry, to disintegrate and burn up in the upper atmosphere. As Boris struggled to gain access and change the satellite's path, he triggered the grenade (with 4-second delay) - Bond deflected the pen toward the fuel tanks, causing them to explode (number of deaths unknown) and provide an escape. His next goal was to destroy the transmitter-antenna to ensure that Boris' possible cracking of the code would be ineffectual.

As Bond made his way to the transmitter-antenna high above the parabolic dish, Trevelyan pursued him there, where the two engaged in a fierce, running fight-to-the death gun-battle and fist-fight. Bond was attempting to destroy or sabotage the transmitter by jamming the mechanism, while Boris was repositioning it through a computer terminal. Bond evaded being killed by Trevelyan when he extended a long ladder and dangled himself above the antenna-dish. When Alec attempted to dislodge him, Bond was able to reverse the situation, and he held his enemy over the dish by his ankles, and they exchanged a final brief conversation before Bond dropped him: ("For England, James?" "No. For me"). After the villain fell to the ground, the second GoldenEye satellite exploded and disintegrated harmlessly during re-entry. Bond dove for the landing skids of a helicopter gun-ship that Simonova had hijacked, and they flew off into the jungle, as the transmitter exploded, and the massive, flaming structure crashed down on Trevelyan to end his life (# 29 death, # 16 Bond kill). Thinking that he had survived all of the explosions, the egotistical Boris cried out in a celebratory pose: "Yes, I am invincible!" - using his oft-repeated phrase, but he died when he was frozen solid by a wave of liquid nitrogen that erupted from ruptured fuel tanks behind him - he perished in a stiff victory pose (# 30 death).

In the jungle, Bond and Natalya fell to the ground, exhausted, but kissing each other - celebrating their survival. They were interrupted by Wade's arrival ("Yo, Jimbo") with a detachment of US Marines (the soldiers emerged all around the couple, disguised by clumps of hay). He suggested: "Maybe you two would like to finish debriefing each other at Guantanamo." Although Natalya was reluctant to get on another moving vehicle with Bond (one of the film's running jokes), the two were airlifted to safety in a helicopter.

Film Notables (Awards, Facts, etc.)

The 17th film in the series. The first of four films starring Pierce Brosnan as Bond - in a successful attempt to rehabilitate the franchise. Its title was the name of Ian Fleming's Jamaican estate, where he had composed his James Bond novels.

Also the first film to star a female as the character of Bond's superior M (Judi Dench), known for her evaluation of Bond as "a sexist, misogynist dinosaur, a relic of the Cold War." It was also the first film of four, for Samantha Bond in the role of a liberated Miss Moneypenny (simply Moneypenny in the credits), appearing in all the Pierce Brosnan Bond films.

The first Bond film to use CGI.

This was the first Bond film to be released after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

With a production budget of $58 million, and gross revenue of $106 million (domestic) and $352 million (worldwide). The most successful and well-received Bond film to date.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the conspicuous product placement of BMW products in the film (Brosnan as Bond drove a brand-new BMW Z3) marked the first time a car manufacturer had a full-fledged promotional tie-in with a theatrical feature.

Set-pieces: the pre-title credits sequence (with the bungee jump), the opening car chase between Xenia (in red convertible Ferrari) and Bond (in Aston Martin DB5) on mountain road in S. France, the fight between hip-locking/strangling orgasmic-Onatopp and Bond in the steam room of his Russian hotel, the Russian tank pursuit-chase through the streets of St. Petersburg, and the final fight-to-the-death at Trevelyan's secret lair in Cuba atop the satellite transmitter-antenna.

Bond Villains: 006 Agent Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean), General Arkady Grigorovich Ouromov (Gottfried John), Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), Boris Grishenko (Alan Cumming)

Bond Girls: Caroline (Serena Gordon), Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco), also Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen)

Number of Love-Making Encounters: 2

Film Locales: Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility (USSR), Monte Carlo, French Riviera, S. France, Space Weapons Control Center, Severnaya, Russia, London, England, St. Petersburg, Russia, Unnamed Caribbean island, Cuba

Gadgets: piton-firing laser gun (with laser cutter), digital code-breaking device (electronic keypad), digital zoom camera with transmitter and linked to computerized thermal printer in Bond's Aston Martin, GoldenEye (secret weapons system - named for a disc that generated access codes to two rogue satellites), gadgets in Q's lab (a leg cast fitted with missile-firing device, a leather belt with 75 foot rappelling steel-reinforced rope and explosive piton built into the buckle that shoots out a high-tensile wire, a phone booth with concealed air bag to suffocate victim, an X-ray document scanner disguised as a tea tray, a Parker pen with class-4 explosive grenade (armed/disarmed by 3 clicks, activating a four-second fuse)), professional Omega Sea-Master laser watch (with remote-controlled explosives-detonator), Trevelyan's hand-held video display

Vehicles: Cagiva Motorcycle, gray 1964 Aston Martin DB5 (with dashboard fax machine, and cellular voice communications system, with refrigerated drinks compartment containing bottle of Bollinger champagne and rose), Xenia's 1995 red convertible Ferrari Spider 355 sports-car, Tiger helicopter, Russian MIG-29 fighter jets, blue 1996 BMW Z3 Roadster (with a parachute braking system, all-points radar system, self-destruct mechanism, Stinger missiles behind the headlights, ejector seat), T-55 Russian Tank, Trevelyan's coal-black British Rail Class 20 ICBM Missile Train (with armored plating, CCTV, and detachable roof with heliport)

Number of Deaths (Bond Kills): 30 (16)

James Bond:
(Pierce Brosnan)

Bond Villain:
Alec Trevelyan
(Sean Bean)

Bond Villain:
General Arkady Ouromov
(Gottfried John)

Bond Girl: Caroline
(Serena Gordon)

Bond Girl Villain:
Xenia Onatopp
(Famke Janssen)

Bond Girl: Natalya Simonova
(Izabella Scorupco)

Bond Regular: M
(Judi Dench)

Bond Regular: Moneypenny
(Samantha Bond)

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