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The "Friday the 13th" Films - Part 10

Friday the 13th, Jason X (2001)
d. James Isaac, 93 minutes

Film Plot Summary

The film opened in the near-future:

The year 2010
Location: Crystal Lake Research Facility
Subject: Jason Voorhees
Status: Awaiting Cryogenic Suspension

The subject, wearing a hockey-mask, a massive strait-jacketed figure on a pedestal, was held captive in massive chains in the experimental lab, secured from both the ceiling and the floor. A steady drip of tranquilizer from a plastic bag was injected into his neck. Dr. Wimmer (David Cronenberg) went over the head of pretty female project leader Rowan (Lexa Doig), who wanted "notorious murderer" Jason cryogenically neutralized and frozen to prevent him from returning to life to wreck havoc.

[Later in the film, she explained: "We executed him for the first time in 2008...We tried everything. Electrocution, gas, firing squad, we even hung him once. Nothing worked. Finally, it was decided that if we couldn't terminate him, we could at least contain him - cryogenic stasis. Freeze him until we could figure out what to do."]

Nefarious government-military technocrats had decided to move him to the Scranton facility - a risky proposition. [Rowan summarized: "But unfortunately, some people who were too smart for their own good, felt that a creature that couldn't be killed, was simply too valuable to just file away. In the end, it always comes down to money."] Wimmer argued that the indestructible killer's rapid cellular regeneration warranted more profitable study: "His unique ability to regenerate lost and damaged tissue - it just, it cries out for more research." However, in transporting him over open country, deaths of innocent civilians would be the major risk.

When the military guards and Dr. Wimmer went to remove a blanket from Jason's head placed there earlier by young soldier Private Johnson (Jeff Geddis) to hide the "ugly bastard" (the IV drip was somehow pulled from his neck), they found that the killer had escaped and substituted the Private in his place, with a head wound and a chain wrapped around his neck (# 1 death) (off-screen). Four other military guards were immediately killed by Jason:

  • Guard # 1's head was bashed with the swing of a machine gun (# 2 death)
  • Guard # 2 was choked and his body was thrown at and shot by Guard # 3 (# 3 death, accidental)
  • Guard # 3's face was bashed in by a noose pole (# 4 death)
  • and Guard # 4's neck was strangled by a chain (# 5 death)

As Dr. Wimmer fled, he was impaled through the torso with the metal noose pole thrown like a javelin (# 6 death). Crashed through a heavy iron door with multiple traumatic injuries, Sgt. Marcus (Markus Parilo) collapsed at Rowan's feet, warning: "Get out of here...I'm sorry" (# 7 death).

Rowan fled into a sealed cryonic chamber, luring Jason there as he pursued her, and trapping him inside. She activated the freezing mechanism after locking him in the inner chamber, although he was able to stab her in the abdomen with his machete through the thick metal door, wounding her, and causing an emergency lockdown in the facility. After his rampage, Jason was frozen along with seriously-wounded government researcher Rowan inside the larger sealed room, where cryo gas was pumped in and she passed out.

Over four centuries later, in the year 2455, an archaeological expedition excavated the underground remains of the Crystal Lake Research Facility, where they discovered the cryostasis chamber, manufactured in 2010. The students, accompanied by their Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts), were:

  • Azrael (Dov Tiefenbach)
  • Tsunaron (Chuck Campbell)
  • Janessa (Melyssa Ade)
  • KAY-Em 14 (Lisa Ryder), a "knowledge matrix android"

The droid analyzed the frozen and masked corpse of Jason, declaring it a "humanoid." The hockey mask was - "Facial armor, used in a sport outlawed in 2024." Professor Lowe thought the figure was "absolute museum quality." Underneath tubing, Tsunaron discovered the corpse of Rowan, "perfectly preserved. Self-crystallization is at 25%" with a possibility of being brought back to life. Azrael lost his arm when the falling Jason corpse with raised machete sliced into him - but he was stabilized and later healed with 25th century techniques, including a nano-technology medical machine and its swarming nano-ants.

The surface of the unpopulated Old Earth (Earth One) was wind-blown, stormy and desolate - it was an abandoned, polluted and contaminated planet ("The oceans, the soil, neither will sustain life"). The students prepared for evacuation, onboard a shuttle named Beowulf piloted by Fat Lou (Boyd Banks), with cargo of "two bodies in deep cryostasis." The small shuttle maneuvered through space junk, as it reported its findings to balding Sgt. Brodski (Peter Mensah), who was on the interplanetary, class-4 catamaran transport spacecraft named Grendel. They emphasized that the female could be resuscitated.

Once the shuttle Beowulf docked with the Grendel, the task of scanning and performing an autopsy on the Jason corpse in Lab Two was assigned by Professor Lowe to experienced pretty blonde lab worker Adrienne (Kristi Angus). She was assisted by young sexy interns:

  • Stoney (Yani Gellman)
  • Kinsa (Melody Johnson)

As the two teens engaged in sex talk (Kinsa regarding Jason: "He's a big boy. I bet he's hung like a mammoth") and started making out, Jason's corpse began to thaw in the Lab Two morgue. The couple was dismissed by Adrienne for being unfocused - and told to return later - after having sex.

In Lab One, Professor Lowe supervised as Rowan's corpse was thawed and regenerated. When she was awakened, she was shocked to learn that she was in the year 2455, and also worried if the other corpse had been thawed and contained - she was falsely assured it had been. Professor Lowe was revealed to be a greedy, corrupt entrepreneur when he called on a secure line to his financial backer Dieter Perez (Robert A. Silverman) at the orbiting Solaris research space station, where he bragged about his recent potentially-profitable find:

"We've hit the motherlode...Two 400 year-old frozen specimens. One well-preserved. The other one, are you ready for this? Up and walking around...People will pay huge money to see her...She's nearly twice as old as anyone on the planet."

Lowe confessed he was in debt and needed money, and exploiting Rowan as the oldest person revived from cryostasis would bring in money. Dismissing his idea, Perez asked if the Voorhees body was "Jason Voorhees" - and suggested that Voorhees might be worth more to a collector:

"He killed nearly 200 people and simply disappeared without a trace. Under the right buyer, he could be worth a fortune."

When Perez declared: "Doctor, doctor, you are one son of a bitch," Lowe replied: "Soon to be one rich son of a bitch."

After their conversation ended, sexually-aggressive student Janessa entered the secure area and propositioned her Professor for S&M sex, asking: "I think that we need to talk about my midterm." She was carrying a champagne bottle and a large chrome-plated pair of tongs. One scene later, she was astride him, squeezing his nipples with the long tongs, and asking her cross-dressed teacher wearing a lacy purple mesh teddy: "Daddy wants it hard?!...You like it right there?" until she was promised a passing grade.

In another area of the spaceship, droid KAY-Em 14 was having nipples positioned onto her prosthetic breasts (she wanted to look like Janessa), but they fell to the floor. She asked Tsunaron: "Do you like them?" Her responded: "Why do you want those things, anyways?...I like you just the way you are. I think you're perfect." Cross-cut with that scene was one of Stoney and Kinsa stripping down to have sex in his cabin - as Stoney tongued down the length of her body and heated her up by removing her panties before intercourse. In the meantime, Jason was also thawing. Janessa was propositioning Tsunaron, who told her: "I could never be with a girl whose balls are bigger than mine."

In the morgue, Adrienne examined Jason's corpse, removing his left damaged eyeball and cutting into his skull with a scalpel to remove his mask. She remarked: "Poor baby. No wonder you wore this thing." When the bloodthirsty Jason thawed further and reanimated with his superhuman strength, he abruptly sat up on the morgue table, and then vanished. She was suddenly grabbed by the face and by the chest - and as she screamed and protested, he dunked her head into a sink filled with liquid nitrogen (shown from the sink POV), flash-freezing her face. Jason then smashed the front of Adrienne's face on the table countertop nearby, shattering it into pieces (# 8 death) and finally tossed her body (without the front of her face) to the floor. A gleaming, sharp, large-bladed autopsy tool caught Jason's eye as he left the morgue.

A revitalized Rowan spoke with a disbelieving Professor Lowe about the danger of keeping Jason onboard: "I think you should just get rid of him, Professor. He's too dangerous." He resisted, calling her idea "irresponsible and foolhardy" - "He's a valuable scientific artifact that must be carefully preserved." She called Jason an "unstoppable killing machine. He's not dead." When they went to the morgue to verify Jason's whereabouts, they found Adrienne's corpse.

The ship's contingent of soldiers ("grunt team") were alerted to a "hostile" on board. When alerted, Stoney left Kinsa's bedside, opened his cabin door, and was stabbed by Jason in the stomach with the autopsy surgical machete - and then the blade was pulled back through his abdomen from the backside (# 9 death) - and Stoney was dragged off by the neck and strangled. Blood splattered on Kinsa's face as she witnessed her boyfriend's murder - she then reported the killing. Professor Lowe resisted the idea of harming his valuable find, Jason, claiming that there were "financial considerations" ("we wait and sedate him...I need him alive") while the students were sent for their own protection to one of the ship's laboratories. Although agreeing to take Jason alive for $500K, Brodski told his soldiers to blow Jason to hell anyway:

"So after you blow him all to hell, put one in his legs so we can say we tried."

In a simulated game-playing area where monstrous alien creatures could be shot down, combat gear-wearing Azrael and bald-headed grunt Dallas (Todd Farmer) both shot at "alien sims." Azrael then commanded: "Pause play," but Jason approached further and wouldn't pause. Azrael contemplated: "I think we need to reboot" - before Jason slashed lengthwise down his torso from his collarbone to his abdomen. Azrael quipped: "That does not count as a kill," before dying (# 1 death, virtual reality), although Dallas laughed: "Yes, it does." Jason then spun around and decapitated Dallas, whose head rolled over the floor (# 2 death, virtual reality). His last words from his disembodied head were: "OK, screw this. Game over."

The game-playing environment changed to a plain room, and the two returned to reality where they were seated with legs crossed on the floor and playing a virtual-reality game. Jason broke Azrael's back over his knee (# 10 death) and tossed him like a heap to the floor, and Dallas' head was forcibly slammed against the ship's wall (# 11 death).

The ship's five other beefy E-X grunt soldiers with heavy weaponry (sniper rifles, machine guns, etc.) included three males and two females:

  • Sven (Thomas Seniuk)
  • Condor (Steve Lucescu)
  • Kicker (Barna Moricz)
  • blonde Briggs (Dylan Bierk)
  • Geko (Amanda Brugel)

Some of them found the bodies of Dallas and Azrael, and then followed a trail of blood toward the cargo bay. Others of them opened with a barrage of gunfire on Jason (but he survived), when he was found stalking engineer Crutch (Phillip Williams) in a cargo bay work area. Although Professor Lowe claimed: "Everything's under control," in fairly rapid succession, they were all killed:

  • Sven's neck was fractured or cracked by a slow twist (# 12 death).
  • When Condor attacked Jason, he was punched off a platform and impaled on a Mole's large, up-thrust screw-shaped mining drill bit below him (# 13 death), on which his body slowly rotated downward ("He's screwed" reported Briggs)
  • Geko's throat was slit with the bladed autopsy instrument (# 14 death) and she choked to death on her own blood
  • Kicker machine-gunned Jason and sent his body backwards to be impaled on a large winch hook (or cargo claw hook), claiming: "I got him" as he raised him off the floor, but Jason jumped off the hook stuck in his back and cut Kicker in half at the waist with one swing of his autopsy blade (# 15 death), and the dying man crawled on the floor, leaving a messy trail of blood and entrails
  • Briggs was the next to be killed, impaled on the large claw hook (# 16 death) (off-screen) and swinging back and forth.

Rowan feared for Sgt. Brodski's life: "He's all alone in there." The sergeant was grabbed by the throat from behind through a doorway, and a steel bar burst through his gut, as he taunted: "It's gonna take more than a poke in the ribs to put down this ol' dog." A second steel shaft pierced his abdomen, prompting Brodski to affirm to Jason: "Yeah, that oughta do it" (but he was not dead).

In Lab One, Lowe pronounced: "Such a waste" and tried to convince everyone that he was innocent of blame:

"I told him to stay calm, to wait until we got to Solaris and then we could take care of this monster. I said, 'Don't go in unprepared.' Brodski was just too proud."

Crutch entered Lab One and was told that all the grunts were dead. On the bridge, Grendel's pilot Fat Lou reported that they were coming out of hyperdrive, because they were approaching the Solaris research space station and preparing for docking. Fat Lou alerted the Solaris to their condition: "We need military and medical at the gate. We've got a big problem here. A real go-f--k." As he started to describe the problem, Fat Lou was hacked to bits with Jason's autopsy blade/machete (# 17 death) (off-screen) - blood splattered on one of the monitors.

In the lab, Crutch and Professor Lowe assured everyone that Jason was trapped in the cargo bay, and that once they docked, the "60 highly-trained professionals" - Solaris grunts - could kill him. The pilot-less Grendel came in too fast and overshot the Solaris space station, crashing into it as it slid along the steel structure, and peeled back huge chunks of metal and shattered glass. Alarms sounded as explosions rocked both ships, and the Grendel lost its entire port pontoon. The students in Lab One were buffeted by the explosions and shock waves, as the Solaris was completely destroyed, taking with it financier Dieter Perez (# 18 death) (off-screen, accidental) and the 60 professional soldier-grunts, as well as the entire population of the Solaris space station (multiple deaths).

As Professor Lowe assured everyone: "We're gonna be safe here," there were pounding noises at the lab doors. Jason crashed through the observation windows between Lab One and Lab Two, and in the mass confusion, everyone fled, except for Professor Lowe. During a one-on-one confrontation, the Professor foolishly negotiated with Jason about his financial worth:

"Have you considered how valuable you are? Fame, money. With my help, you could have it all. I know people, I have connections. Together we could make a fortune."

Jason exchanged his gleaming, bloodied autopsy blade for his original machete, which Lowe encouraged: "S--t, it's yours. Take it. Just remember who saved it for you." Although relieved that Jason only wanted his machete ("Guys, it's OK, he just wanted his machete back"), Professor Lowe was wrong, and he was soon decapitated (# 19 death) (off-screen).

The students and remaining crew members decided to head for the shuttle to escape the badly-damaged ship. In the weapons hold, android KAY-Em 14 told Tsunaron that the biggest odds against survival were in getting to the shuttle. When he kissed the android, she said that the statistical probability of survival had risen from 12% to 53%. Rowan found the wounded body of Sgt. Brodski on the way to the shuttle bay, while Kinsa and Janessa made their way to the shuttle cockpit. Crutch and Waylander (Derwin Jordan) entered the bridge and found the massacred remains of Fat Lou - Crutch wiped blood on Waylander's vest, and then quipped: "Be lucky you weren't alive during the Microsoft conflict. Hell, we were beating each other with our own severed limbs."

When Waylander left him to help Rowan retrieve Sgt. Brodski, Crutch turned, and cried out: "I've got company" as he saw Professor Lowe's head on the end of Jason's machete - and then he was grabbed from behind. He was shoved into an electrical panel, and electrocuted on the console (# 20 death), and he was heard dying over the intercom.

In total fear, panic, and shock in the shuttle cockpit, Kinsa refused to open the shuttle doors, and also attempted to launch the shuttle without first releasing the docking clamps to the fuel lines. Her oversight caused the shuttle to slam into the Grendel's hull - and Kinsa was immolated in the explosion (# 21 death, self-inflicted, accidental).

Tsunaron distracted Jason as he menacingly approached the group of three (Rowan, Janessa, and Waylander) in the shuttle boarding area, calling him "Slappy" and then presented KAY-Em 14, now with an "uploaded" program - she had been transformed into a formidable killer droid with combat skills - carrying oversized, lethal weapons and wrapped in bands of bullets ("I'm afraid I'll have to hurt you now," she threatened). After Jason threw his machete into her mid-section, she appeared to die, but then came back with a kick-ass vengeance. She performed multiple flips and martial arts kicking maneuvers, and let loose with her high-tech weapons, including two sidearms twirled like pistols.

Somewhat baffled by her super-strength, Jason retaliated and bashed her head, sending her flying backwards, and he held her down with his foot. About to be killed, KAY-Em 14 was aided by Sgt. Brodski, who suddenly rose up and stabbed Jason in the arm, but then was tossed away - she told him: "I had it under control, but thanks." She fired more rounds at Jason, severing his right arm, and then kicked him through a passageway carved out with bullets. And then she unleashed more firepower - she separated his left leg from his body at the knee, and blasted a hole in his right chest and also through his skull and mask! Finally, she tossed his machete into his midsection.

The remaining group of survivors retreated to Lab Two, where Sgt. Brodski was healed and strengthened. A piece of Grendel's hull flew off the ship into deep space. The patrol shuttle Tiamat sent a reply to the Grendel's distress signal, notifying them that they could arrive for assistance in 45 minutes, but a core implosion was expected in less than 30 minutes. Rowan proposed a plan to proceed to the remaining bridge section, which could be separated from the damaged hull by exploding connected walkways. The team split up to set the explosive charges. When they left the lab area, sparks flew and the regenerating nano-technology machine began to piece Jason back together - it repaired him with synthetic cellular replacement, and brought him back to life.

As the group finished setting charges, at the other end of a walkway, they saw a new, "modified" Jason emerge, now with a chrome-plated hockey mask, and more muscular limbs. He was a bio-mechanoid with black clothing. The new Uber-Jason was more powerful and indestructible. KAY-Em 14's bullets bounced off his metal limbs - and her blows to his face left him unharmed. Jason punched her across the face (with the arm holding his machete), and the force of the hit decapitated her, sending her head rolling (it was retrieved by Tsunaron, and she remained functional). Waylander's back was broken when he was tossed against the walkway wall.

As Waylander laid there partially paralyzed, he sacrificially detonated the explosive charges in the walkway, and died in the explosion (# 22 death, self-inflicted). The right hull was separated from the bridge section - the group had survived the blast in the pontoon.

The Tiamat rescue ship arrived to dock with the Grendel and evacuate the survivors. Suddenly, Uber-Jason's fist burst through the hull, and the hole in the steel created a sucking vacuum, wreaking havoc as it pulled everything out the opening. Uber-Jason had held on to the outside and survived. A desperate Janessa couldn't be reached by the others - the force of the suction ("This sucks on so many different levels" she joked before dying) pulled her through a metal floor grating covering the hull's hole like a cheese grater, and sucked her out into space (# 23 death). Flesh and hair were left on the metal grating.

Although Uber-Jason continued his pursuit, the surviving group of three (Rowan, Tsunaron, and Brodski) reached the cargo bay and the emergency evacuation door, where the shuttle Tiamat had docked with a secured lifeline. But they couldn't open the door due to a power outage in the exterior motor. Brodski proposed going EVA from the outside during a spacewalk to fix the problem, although time was running out and parts of the hull were exploding. To create more time as Uber-Jason broke down hatches leading toward them, and as Brodski worked outside to fix the problem, Tsunaron and Rowan created a "diversion" - a VR simulation of Crystal Lake, circa 1980. As Uber-Jason stepped into the cargo bay, the scene shifted and became Crystal Lake, with a cabin, the lake, and woods. Two female teens in scanty clothing appeared and teasingly tempted Uber-Jason:

"Hey, do you wanna beer? Or do you wanna smoke some pot? Or we could have premarital sex?"

They then removed their tops, proclaiming: "We love premarital sex." Giggling, they jumped into their sleeping bags, before the cyborg killer murdered them by smashing together their sleeping bags, and then smashing one of the bags into a tree (# 3-4 virtual reality deaths).

Just in time, the escape door was fixed and opened. Rowan and Tsunaron raced to the Tiamat through the connecting tunnel, although Rowan was forced to go back and retrieve KAY-Em 14's head. Back on board and in the cargo bay, Sgt. Brodski decided to close the escape door (disengaging the Tiamat), to save the others and to confront Uber-Jason by himself. As they separated and flew off, the two watched as the self-destructing Grendel exploded. Tsunaron exclaimed in shock: "He's coming this way" - Uber-Jason was propelled at high speed toward them with other chunks of debris, and impact would kill them.

Wearing a jet-pack on his space-suit, Brodski maneuvered himself and intercepted the cyber-projectile before impact, and propelled them both off-course toward an orbit around Earth Two's atmosphere, with death by re-entry heat (# 24-25 deaths). The two were relieved that Jason was apparently gone, as they stared out at the large crescent of Earth Two, and KAY-Em 14 was assured that she would soon have a new body ("I'll be back on my feet in no time - as soon as I have some").

In the final minutes of the film, two teenagers next to a forest lake witnessed a shooting star. The male suggested: "Make a wish" and the couple kissed. She responded: "It landed in the lake," to which he replied: "Let's go check it out." Uber-Jason's half-melted chromium mask was shown sinking to the bottom of the lake.

Film Notables (Awards, Facts, etc.)

The first new Jason film in almost a decade. And this was the fourth consecutive appearance of Kane Hodder as Jason. Listed in the years 2001 and 2002, although the US premiere was in 2002.

With a production budget of approximately $14 million, and box-office gross revenues of $13 million (domestic) and $17 million (worldwide), the lowest-grossing film of the series.

This was the first science-fiction/horror film of the series, with some intentional references to Star Trek and to the Terminator and Alien films.

With the taglines: "Evil Gets an Upgrade" and "Welcome to the Future of Horror."

The most comical scene was one in which Jason was sent back to Camp Crystal Lake of 1980 in a virtual reality simulation, where two teen females removed their tops, teasingly proposed either beer, pot-smoking, "or we could have premarital sex?", and then giggling ("We love premarital sex!"), the two jumped into their sleeping bags, before the cyborg killer murdered them by smashing them in their bags against each other and against a tree (a tribute to the 7th film).

This was the first Friday the 13th film to use digital effects for gory death scenes.

Body Count: 25 total deaths (21 were committed by Jason). There were 2 self-inflicted deaths, 2 accidental deaths, and 4 virtual-reality deaths. There were also at least 60 deaths of professional soldier-grunts (and more) when the Solaris space-station exploded. In the conclusion, Jason was presumably killed as well - the 25th and final death.

Jason Voorhees
(Kane Hodder)

(Kane Hodder)

(Lexa Doig)

Dr. Wimmer
(David Cronenberg)

(Chuck Campbell)

KAY-Em 14
(Lisa Ryder)

(Melyssa Ade)

(Dov Tiefenbach)

Professor Lowe
(Jonathan Potts)

(Kristi Angus)

Sgt. Brodski
(Peter Mensah)

Dieter Perez
(Robert A. Silverman)

(Derwin Jordan)

(Melody Johnson)

(Yani Gellman)

Grunt Dallas
(Tom Farmer)

Engineer Crutch
(Phillip Williams)

Pilot Fat Lou
(Boyd Banks)

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