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The Austin Powers Trilogy - Part 2

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
aka Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
d. Jay Roach, 95 minutes

Film Plot Summary

The film opened with a Star Wars-styled text scrolling that recapped how Austin Powers was frozen in 1967 and defrosted in the 90s to battle his nemesis Dr. Evil. After succeeding and banishing Evil, Powers settled down with his newly-wed wife Vanessa - "or so he thought."

A NASA spaceflight notified "Houston...we have a problem," when they spotted Evil's Bob's Big Boy rocketship in space. Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) was ejected in his egg-shaped cryogenic chamber toward Earth.

In 1997 as a continuation of the end of the previous film, Austin Powers (Mike Myers) was seen enjoying sex with his wife Vanessa (Elizabeth Hurley) in his honeymoon suite. However, when she began acting strangely and responded to his TV remote, she was revealed to be an android Fembot (with "machine-gun jubblies"), a "kamikaze bride" on a suicide mission to kill Austin, but she self-destructed. Austin briefly mourned the loss of his "one true love" - but overjoyed that he was single again ("Oh, Behave!"). He proceeded naked into the hotel's lobby and exhibited himself during the opening title credits.

In Guam, an operator at the NATO Monitoring Facility watched The Jerry Springer Show, where "not evil enough" son Scott Evil (Seth Green) was reunited with his cryogenically-frozen and thawed father Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) ("Daddy's back") -- with plans for taking over the world. The show ended with a full-scale brawl.

Evil's return was reported to Austin back in England by Basil Exposition (Michael York) from British Intelligence, as he was driving in his Shaguar sports-car. Austin's new assignment was a photo-shoot in his own swinging London Shag Pad with supermodel Rebecca Romijn (as Herself) and seductive model Ivana Humpalot (Kristen Johnston).

Meanwhile, in Dr. Evil's Headquarters in Seattle within the "Starbucks" Needle, Evil's Number Two (Robert Wagner) bragged about his legitimate and profitable investments in a "small, Seattle-based coffee company" called "Starbucks," and proposed shifting resources away from evil-doings. He also presented Evil with his perfect clone "except one-eighth your size" - dubbed Mini-Me (Verne Troyer). Evil's new "diabolical scheme," designed to thwart Austin Powers' "mojo, the libido, the life force, the essence, the right stuff" - was to develop a time-traveling device to go back to the 60s (with Mini-Me) and steal his "mojo." Specifically, they time-traveled back to 1969, two years after the "helpless" Powers was frozen. Once back in the year 1969, they met Number Two's younger counterpart (Rob Lowe), and then they proceeded to his new lair - a "hollowed-out volcano" (a Caribbean island with a single, Mount Rushmore-like rock carving of Evil).

Returning to 1999, after the photo-shoot scene, Powers was seduced by Ivana Humpalot while playing a game of chess (in a parody of The Thomas Crown Affair). He asked: "Do I make you horny, baby?" She secretly worked as a hit-woman for Dr. Evil, but admitted that she found him so sexy that she couldn't carry out Evil's orders to kill him - and begged: "Just make love to me...Make love to me, monkey-man."

In his volcanic lair, Evil confessed that he had an operative inside the Ministry of Defense (MOD) to help steal the "mojo" from Austin's frozen body in a cryo chamber - "a disgruntled Scottish guard known for his lethal temper and his unusual eating habits" who weighed a metric ton, named Fat Bastard (also Mike Myers). After spraying a nerve gas, he drilled into Austin's chamber and extracted his mojo with a large hypodermic needle, causing Powers in 1999, in bed having sex with Ivana, to exclaim: "I've lost my mojo!"

In the Secret Projects Room, Basil Exposition confirmed the loss of the mojo - announcing that Austin must be sent back to 1969 (where Evil had traveled in his time machine), to retrieve (or "recharge") his mojo, and defeat Dr. Evil. Austin's time-travel device was a psychedelically-painted VW convertible, which propelled him (in a parody of Back to the Future) to his Swinging 60s London pad where a disco party was in progress. He was threatened with assassination by pretty Robin Spitz Swallows (Gia Carides) and Bazooka Marksman Joe (Kevin Durand), both Evil's agents, but his death was prevented when he was rescued by CIA secret agent Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) ("Shagwell by name, Shag-very well by reputation"). As they drove into the English countryside, they were followed by another henchman, Mustafa (Will Ferrell) wearing a red fez and sunglasses, whose car plunged off a cliff. When they apprehended him, he admitted, after being questioned three times, that he was sent by Dr. Evil, who had a secret volcano lair. Mini-Me appeared in a baby outfit in a stroller, and shot a poisonous dart into Mustafa's neck to prevent any more answers from him.

Evil's spy Fat Bastard arrived at the secret hideout to deliver Austin's mojo, and unsuccessfully negotiated to be given Mini-Me instead of a cash payment. After drinking some of the mojo, Dr. Evil pursued Frau Farbissina for sexual "private time" - signified by an explosive volcano eruption. Shortly later after "weird" sex, Frau awkwardly confessed to Evil that she was "late," but they were interrupted by the arrival of Scott through the time portal.

Meanwhile, at the MOD Cryo Chamber, Fat Bastard was identified by Austin as the suspected mojo thief after photos were developed and a drill hole was detected. On a street-corner, Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello serenaded Austin and Felicity with "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" while they danced. Later in his shag-pad, mojo-less Austin rejected her 'shagadelic' advances and apologized.

Felicity was instructed by Basil to track down Fat Bastard and plant a homing device on him "by any means necessary." When she joined Fat Bastard in bed, she implanted the tracking device up his butt, so that Powers could retrieve his mojo. However, while taking a toilet dump, Fat Bastard had deposited the device (along with a "foul-smelling" floater) in a toilet in Paddington Station. A stool sample was taken to be analyzed in a lab - and Powers happened to pour some of the sample in his coffee mug ("this coffee smells like shit"). Trace elements of a rare vegetable were discovered in the lab report, found on only one Caribbean island - the location of Evil's lair.

In phase two of Evil's plans, he proposed to put a giant laser on the moon (creating a "Death Star") that would threaten to destroy Washington, DC. He announced his plan ("the Alan Parsons Project") to the US President, and then went further - detailing how he would destroy more major US cities every hour on the hour, unless paid a ransom of $100 billion dollars. Their response was laughter at the ludicrous amount, as Evil inappropriate quoted from the film Jerry Maguire (1996): "Show me the money." He demonstrated the laser destroying the White House with footage from Independence Day (1996).

Powers and Felicity traveled to Evil's private volcano island in a submarine, both looking like Honey Ryder (from Dr. No) when they removed their scuba gear. As they searched for the explosives in their tent, their shadow-figures were witnessed by sickened guards who wondered if she was really pulling things out of Austin's behind (including a gerbil!). They were caught and placed in a jail cell with an "inept guard" and soon escaped (when Felicity exposed her breasts and the overpowered guard fell in liquid hot magma).

Meanwhile Dr. Evil and Mini-Me were launched to the moon in a phallic-shaped rocket to install the giant laser at his Moon Base. As the rocket flew across the sky, a clever 'phallic wordplay' conversational montage kept cutting back and forth, offering lots of synonyms for male genitals. [Note: the montage was continued later, when Dr. Evil rescued Mini-Me from space.]

Felicity and Austin hitched a ride to the moon in the Apollo 11 capsule, and searched for Dr. Evil. As the laser ignition sequence was initiated and armed, Powers fought against Mini-Me and after subduing him flushed and ejected him ("poor little bugger") into outer space through the Lunar Disposal Unit.

Powers then pursued Dr. Evil to get back his mojo, hand was presented with a difficult choice: Save the world or Felicity, who was locked in a chamber with poison gas. Powers diverted the laser beam firing and saved the DC Capital, but Felicity died from poisonous gas.

Using Evil's time portal, Powers went back ten minutes in time to again save the world - and Felicity with his double-self. Dr. Evil activated the Moon Base's Self-Destruct mechanism and escaped in his rocket, as he threw the glass vial of Austin's mojo into the air. Powers was unable to catch it and it crashed to the floor. He was reassured about the loss of his mojo by Felicity: "You don't need it. You've had it all along...You're gonna get the girl." With only seconds to spare, they both escaped through the time portal back to the present year of 1999.

In Austin's pad, the obese and unhappy Fat Bastard (disguised as a FBD delivery man) attempted to kill Powers - but Felicity intervened and disarmed him by kicking him in the groin - his "mommy-daddy button." A 60s-style party erupted in his pad. Meanwhile, back in 1969, Dr. Evil's rocket retrieved Mini-Me from spinning in space, and Evil vowed: "I'm gonna get you, Austin Powers."

During the end credits, a repeat of Jerry Springer's show was about "fathers who are trying to take over the world." It was revealed that Scott Evil's mother was actually Frau Farbissina ("You are my love child with Dr. Evil") - he wasn't a test-tube baby after all.

And one month later, the 90s Austin returned to his pad where he found Felicity in bed with the "past Austin" who admitted: "Technically, it's not cheating, baby." Austin quickly forgave her: "Well Felicity, I can't blame you. The man is handsome, baby," and confidently said: "I've got my mojo back." The two Austins were on either side of Felicity ready to make love ("do the bad thing").

Film Notables (Awards, Facts, etc.)

With a production budget of $33 million, and box-office gross receipts of $206 million (domestic) and $312 million (worldwide). It was a phenomenal hit - the third-highest grossing film of the summer of 1999.

The film received one Academy Award Oscar nomination: Best Makeup.

Also the recipient of an MTV Award for Best On-Screen Duo (Myers and Troyer) and Best Villain (Myers).

Austin Powers
(Mike Myers)

Vanessa Kensington/Fembot
(Elizabeth Hurley)

Basil Exposition
(Michael York)

Ivana Humpalot
(Kristen Johnston)

Felicity Shagwell
(Heather Graham)

Dr. Evil
(Mike Myers)

Number Two
(Robert Wagner)

(Verne Troyer)

Fat Bastard
(Mike Myers)

Young Number Two
(Rob Lowe)

Scott Evil
(Seth Green)

Frau Farbissina
(Mindy Sterling)

(Will Ferrell)

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