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100 Greatest Movie Performances of All Time
by Premiere Magazine

Part 3

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Premiere Magazine
100 Greatest Movie Performances of All Time

by Premiere Magazine

(part 3, by reverse ranking)

Character Name Played By Film Title The Performance
Sam Spade Humphrey Bogart The Maltese Falcon (1941) A wise-cracking, tough-acting, seedy detective.
Elisabet Vogler Liv Ullmann Persona (1966) A stage star who suddenly stops speaking.
Phil Connors Bill Murray Groundhog Day (1993) A sarcastic, misanthropic weatherman reliving the same day in the same small town many times.
Randle Patrick McMurphy Jack Nicholson One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) A mischievous, low-level, misfit asylum inmate who fakes his mental illness.
Chuck Noland Tom Hanks Cast Away (2000) A desperate island castaway forced to communicate with a volleyball.
Tracy Flick Reese Witherspoon Election (1999) An anal-retentive go-getter determined to win a student council election with the slogan "Pick Flick".
Tramp Charlie Chaplin City Lights (1931) An iconic, desperately poor and compassionate Tramp infatuated with a poor, blind flower girl, and friends with a suicidal, alcoholic millionaire.

Jim Stark

James Dean Rebel Without a Cause (1955) An anguished teenager pained by his parents ("You're tearing me apart").
Travis Bickle Robert De Niro Taxi Driver (1975) An intensely violent loner intent on cleaning up New York's streets.
Jules Winnfield Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction (1994) A modern-day, chattering hitman/gangster who engages in Biblical gunplay.
Suzanne Stone Nicole Kidman To Die For (1995) A sexy, and sometimes cool, aspiring anchorwoman.
Richard III Laurence Olivier Richard III (1955) A sinister and murderous king.
Maria Tura Carole Lombard To Be or Not to Be (1942) A beguiling, ravishing wife of a Warsaw acting couple that resists the Nazis.
Harry Caul Gene Hackman The Conversation (1974) A quiet, repressed, and intensely private expert wiretapper with a guilty conscience.
Evelyn Cross Mulwray Faye Dunaway Chinatown (1974) A damaged, world-weary, and innocent femme fatale.
Truman Capote Philip Seymour Hoffman Capote (2005) A vain and self-loathing gadfly writer who ends up in catatonic despair.
Johnny Gray Buster Keaton The General (1927) A stunt-performing train engineer who must save his two loves, his sweetheart and his locomotive.
Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels Dustin Hoffman Tootsie (1982) A frustrated cross-dressing New York actor transformed into a wispy-voiced steel magnolia.
Holly Golightly Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) A regal, ditzy, coy and beguiling New York City call girl.
Ray Charles Jamie Foxx Ray (2004) An R&B legend and unique voice in pop music.
John "Scottie" Ferguson James Stewart Vertigo (1958) An obsessed, mourning fetishist only interested in dressing up a woman in the likeness of his dead, platinum-tressed lover.
Chance the Gardener Peter Sellers Being There (1979) An, innocent, illiterate fool-sage gardener with pure and simple (and misinterpreted) observations about caring for plants.
Hildy Johnson Rosalind Russell His Girl Friday (1940) A retiring, whip-smart journalist wishing to get married, with razor-sharp, sparkling wit.
Paul Marlon Brando Last Tango in Paris (1972) A grieving, toxic-raging widower involved with an anonymous lover.
Joan of Arc Maria Falconetti The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) A wide-eyed, saintly martyr who suffers trial and execution.

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