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Hell's Angels (1930)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Hell's Angels (1930)

In director Howard Hughes' epic war adventure/drama about WWI combat pilots:

  • the realistic aerial dogfights and German zeppelin raids on London
  • the early scenes of a sexy platinum blonde Helen (Jean Harlow in her first role) - the two-timing, slutty fiancée of unsuspecting Roy (James Hall), who wore a slinky velvet evening dress (with beaded straps) that barely covered her breasts as she encouragingly and enticingly asked Roy's brother Monte Rutledge (Ben Lyon) to take her home during a dance, while Roy was occupied with committee matters: "Tired. Take me home, Monte...It's not far. I've taken a flat in town near canteen headquarters"; once they arrived by car out in front of her apartment, she asked: "Are we here?..Wanna come up for a cigarette and a drink?...Come see my room. I've only had a place of my own for a week. It's a new toy"
  • the famed scene in her apartment where she delivered a memorable line to him after serving him a drink, and chugging down her own drink: "Would you be shocked if I put on something more comfortable?" - he answered: "I'll try to survive" - and then as she retreated into her bedroom, she let her wrap fall off her bare-back
The Sexy Helen Retreating Into Her Bedroom
  • during the seduction scene, after she appeared back at her bedroom door, she was obviously bra-less and naked under her white-trimmed, low-cut dark robe; she sat herself down on the couch as Monte asked the follow-up: "Well, are you more comfortable now?"; she confessed to Monte about her real feelings about her fiancee Roy, her philosophy of life and her desire not to be tied down with marriage and family: "You're not a bit like Roy, are you?...He wouldn't approve of me either if he knew what I really like...When I'm with Roy, I'm the way Roy wants me to be"; when asked if she really loved Roy, she admitted: "No, not really. Not the way Roy wants me to love him. I can't. Roy's love means marriage and children and never anyone but Roy. I couldn't bear that. I want to be free. I want to be gay and have fun. Life's short, and I want to live when I'm alive"; she enticingly reclined back, almost inviting him to kiss her; when he balked and began to excuse himself to leave, she allowed herself to be pulled up into his arms for a forbidden kiss; they were frozen, inches away from each other's lips for a few moments before they kissed; the scene faded to black as they embraced and lowered themselves back onto the couch
A Night of Seduction
  • afterwards, in the apres-sex sequence, Monte felt "gloomy," worried, and awful about cheating on his brother: "God, I'm rotten..." and he called her "rotten" too for two-timing his brother - she threw him out: "Get out of here!...Get out! And stay out!"

Aerial Dogfights

The Love Triangle - (l to r): Roy, Helen, Monte

Helen to Monte: "Wanna come up for a cigarette and a drink?"

Helen to Monte:
"Would you be shocked if I put on something more comfortable?"


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