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Going Places (1974)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Going Places (1974, Fr.) (aka Les Valseuses)

In Bertrand Blier's debut film - an erotic yet anarchic French-style Easy Rider road film (the title literally meant: "testicles") about two misogynistic, sexually-depraved fugitives on the run through France:

  • the offensive characters of two unlovable, small-time bohemian crooks sought by the police for car theft: Jean-Claude (Gérard Depardieu) and Pierrot (Patrick Dewaere) who were both obsessed with abusive sex during a wild, aimless journey in the French countryside in the company of bored, dim-witted, blonde beautician's assistant Marie-Ange (Miou-Miou) - a young kidnapped hostage; they became utterly frustrated that they couldn't cure Marie-Ange of her orgasmic frigidity
Kidnapped, Unorgasmic Marie-Ange
  • the threatening yet erotic scene in which the two paired up to intimidate a 'Woman in the Train' (Brigitte Fossey), a lactating mother in an empty coach car with a baby; Pierrot opened her blouse and bra from the front and then touched and sucked on her right breast's nipple while Jean-Claude fondled her left breast
  • the arrival of recently-released, empowered ex-convict, 40-ish Jeanne Pirolle (Jeanne Moreau) who was more passionate and taught the two men - during threesome - about love
  • the sequence of Jeanne's strange revelation to a waitress in a restaurant after lunch that she had stopped menstruating while imprisoned: "You see, I just got out of prison, I spent 10 years in a cold, wet cell. I haven't menstruated in years. No more blood - nothing. At first, my period was late. They gave me aspirin at the infirmary. Then it came later and later. 2 weeks, 3 weeks, a month. After a while, you forget about it. That's when it goes away completely"; she explained to the stunned waitress why she was telling her this tale: "So you understand how lucky you are to bleed every month even if it makes you irritable. It doesn't matter, the bad moods, painful ovaries, it's not important. What matters is bleeding. You understand?"
  • the startling scene, after love-making in a hotel room with the two men, of Jeanne awakening, sneaking to the adjoining room, taking a pistol, and suicidally shooting herself in the crotch
  • the sequence in which the group met a picnicking family, and took away the wayward, virginal, bourgeois teenager Jacqueline (Isabelle Huppert) after robbing her family, to form a quartet, in order to deflower her in a field as Marie-Ange cradled her head in her lap

Pierrot, Marie-Ange, and Jean-Claude

"Woman in the Train" Scene

(Isabelle Huppert)


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