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From Russia With Love (1963)


Written by Tim Dirks

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From Russia With Love (1963)

In Terence Young's second Bond film (with Sean Connery as James Bond) - including all of the requisite Agent 007 Bond film elements, including the opening credits sequence:

  • the first view of evil, menacing SPECTRE No. 1 villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld (uncredited Anthony Dawson) - only his hands, in close-up seen petting a white Persian cat
  • the character of this film's pretty Bond girl -- Soviet defector/double agent Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi - Italy's 1960 Miss Universe runner-up); later, she would nakedly await Bond in bed in his hotel suite, with a close-up of her red lips - and wearing only a sexy black velvet choker
  • the menacing figure of ex-KGB agent/assassin Rosa Klebb (SPECTRE # 3) (Lotte Lenya) with a poisonous toe-spiked shoe
  • the gypsy cat-fight between two jealous women: Zora (Martine Beswick) in green, and Vida (Aliza Gur) in red, who were both interested in the same man - son of gypsy chief Vavra (Francis de Wolff)
  • the amazingly-edited, prolonged, vicious and choreographed train fight scene in the film's climax in a tiny sleeper compartment aboard the Orient Express train between Bond and ruthlessly-evil SPECTRE assassin Donald "Red" Grant (Robert Shaw); after Grant tried to strangle Bond with his garrote wire from his wrist-watch, Bond stabbed Grant in the shoulder with his flat throwing knife, and then strangled him with his own garrote
  • the death-defying chase between Bond and an enemy helicopter (throwing hand-grenades), in which Bond (with his rifle) caused the helicopter to explode and crash, killing its two occupants
Bond vs. "Red" Grant
with a Garrote
Enemy Helicopter Crash
Death of Kelbb
  • the ending, marked by the death of Klebb (disguised as a Venice hotel maid) who first kicked and threatened Bond with her poisoned toe-spike, but Bond pinned her to the wall with a chair, and Tania shot the "horrible woman" dead - as Bond quipped: "She's had her kicks"
  • and the final image of Bond sailing away with Tania while relaxing on a Venetian water-taxi gondola in a canal

Opening Credits

Bond Villain: Ernst Stavro Blofeld, SPECTRE No. 1
(uncredited Anthony Dawson)

Catfight: Zora vs. Vida

Bond Girl: Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi)

Ending Clinch on Venetian Canal Gondola


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