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The Four Feathers (1939)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Four Feathers (1939, UK)

In director Zoltan Korda's classic adventure epic set in the late 1890s, with phenomenal color cinematography:

  • the character of British military officer Lieut. Harry Faversham (John Clements), who sought to redeem himself of condemnation and accusations of cowardice (after resigning his commission, and receiving three white feathers from his fellow officers, Captain John Durrance (Ralph Richardson) and Lieutenants Peter Burroughs (Donald Gray) and Willoughby (Jack Allen) and a fourth feather representing his fiancee Ethne Burroughs (June Duprez))
  • Faversham's secret disguise as a mute native Senghali tribesman (with a branded forehead) to prove and redeem himself - by helping to rescue his former comrades in a late 1890s battle in Egypt and the Sudan
  • the magnificent panoramic battle scenes - especially the attack of the savage Dervishes (pejoratively labeled Fuzzy Wuzzies) against the British lines
  • the scene of Faversham's desert rescue of Capt. Durrance, who was blinded during a battle due to sunstroke and was left for dead; Faversham led Durrance across an arid desert, and eventually to an outpost
  • the additional scene of Faversham's help to free Lieuts. Burroughs and Willoughby who were imprisoned in a dungeon by the forces of The Khalifa (John Laurie) at Omdurman
Lieut. Burroughs and Willoughby Captured
and Imprisoned - Also Rescued
  • in the conclusion, Faversham had proven his courage - and was able to playfully give back the fourth feather to Ethne ("Ethne, your feather"), followed by a kiss

Faversham Disguised as Mute Senghali Tribesman

Helping Dazed and Blinded Capt. Durrance to Safety

Conclusion: Haversham: ("Ethne, your feather")


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