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Flaming Creatures (1963)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Flaming Creatures (1963)

In gay film-maker Jack Smith's experimental, controversial, ultra-low-budget, black and white 43-minute movie that was declared obscene, sexually-graphic and depraved, and seized by police at its underground premiere in NYC in the spring of 1963, and banned in 22 states and in four countries - it was reported to be an exotic, Arabian tribute to 1940s screen star Maria Montez:

  • the primitive, herky-jerky, over-exposed, ragged and legendary underground film (shot on half-ruined or damaged film stock), made on a Greenwich Village rooftop in the city, and often regarded as the beginning of 'camp'
  • the many disjointed and odd-angled images of heavily-made-up lips, eyes, overlapping limbs, and genitals of bisexuals, transvestites, hermaphrodites and other drag queens (some in white fabric dresses), possibly in an Arabian harem - either dancing, grooming (primping), or romancing
  • a mock lipstick commercial (Someone asks: "Is there a lipstick that doesn't come off when you suck cocks?...But how does a man get lipstick off his cock?"), with a close-up of a flaccid penis being shaken and then seen next to the face of a man with a large false nose while he applied lipstick
  • the simulated cruel rape of a screaming woman during an earthquake, and a repetitive view of her enlarged close-up of her large, round, singly-exposed, massaged breast that was constantly being jiggled; then, her dress was raised and she was ravaged and forced to endure cunnilingus
  • the main sequence - a drug-fueled orgy of intertwined bodies, kissing and organ caressing and stimulation, with nude and semi-nude males and females - with a soundtrack of vintage music
Posing During Drug-Fueled Orgy
Drag Queen Sucking Blood From Neck of Unconscious Victim
Then Playing With Himself
  • the sight of a vampirish, blonde-wigged, high-heeled drag queen rising from a coffin, to suck blood from the neck of another unconscious drag queen - and then, the vampire laid back and wiggled his penis (masturbation?)

Man With False Nose Applying Lipstick

Assaulted Female - With Dress Raised

Rape of Screaming Ravaged Woman

Organ Touching


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