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Enter the Dragon (1973)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Enter the Dragon (1973, US/HK)

In Robert Clouse's fast-paced kung-fu masterpiece - with Bruce Lee in his first (and last) English-language (and Hollywood-produced) film - it was Lee's last film before his untimely death at the age of 32; it was the first kung fu film produced by a major Hollywood studio - and voted upon as the best "chopsocky" or "kickfest" (kung fu and martial arts) film ever made by an American studio (Warner Bros):

  • the sequences of the annual, invitational martial-arts competition (a tournament of champions) on a mysterious island fortress near Hong Kong, hosted or sponsored by one-handed, blood-thirsty, renegade, villainous Shaolin Temple monk Han (Shih Kien), the crime-boss and king-pin, and the island's owner - a classic James Bond villain
Han (Shih Kien)
Lee (Bruce Lee)
Oharra (Bob Wall)
  • also participating in the competition: American playboy-adventurer Roper (John Saxon), an indebted gambling addict
  • one of the earliest competitions - a battle between the crime boss Han's top right-hand man and bodyguard - the bearded, sadistic and facially-scarred Oharra (Bob Wall), and undercover agent and Jeet Kune Do martial arts master-expert Lee (Bruce Lee) who displayed acrobatic fight skills, flip kicks and lightning fast punches to down and kill his opponent - who had cheated and attempted to stab him with broken bottles
  • Lee had been recruited by the British to infiltrate the drug and prostitution operation; Lee was seeking revenge on the gang and Oharra, who was responsible for the death of Lee's sister Su Lin (Angela Mao Ying - the "female Bruce Lee") - she committed suicide with a sharp shard of glass thrust into her own abdomen when Oharra attempted to rape her
Oharra: Responsible for Lee's Sister Su Lin's Suicidal Death
  • the fight sequence and showdown in Han's top-secret underground lair between Lee and dozens of Han's henchmen-attackers, when he upgraded his weapons from a mere stick, to metal rods, and finally nun-chucks
  • the climactic confrontational kung-fu fight in a hall of mirrors (some in slo-mo) (with homage to Welles' The Lady From Shanghai (1948)) between martial arts master Lee and the crime-lord Han who wore four serrated knife blades in place of his detachable metal clawed iron hand, ending in the defeat of Han when he was side-kicked into a spear and impaled (Han had thrust the blade into the door of the mirror room at the beginning of their battle)
Underground Chamber of Mirrors

Vengeance: Lee vs. Oharra

Lee Fighting Against Henchmen with Nun-Chucks in Han's Lair

Han with Four-Bladed Claw Hand

Lee vs. Han


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