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Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Cyrano de Bergerac (1990, Fr.)

In director Jean-Paul Rappeneau's romance drama:

  • the balcony scene of long-nosed, bulky swordsman Cyrano de Bergerac's (Oscar-nominated Gerard Depardieu) recitation of poetry to his love Roxane (Anne Brochet) who was above on her balcony - while coaching gallant but inarticulate soldier Christian de Neuvillette (Vincent Perez)
  • during Cyrano's words, she became suspicious: ("But why are your words so hesitant? Why?"); Cyrano took over the dialogue: ("It's dark...They grope in the darkness looking for your ear...It's normal they should find their way. For it's upon my heart they prey. My heart is large whereas your ear is small. Besides, your words slip down speedily along the wall. Mine are heavy like fruit on a bough"); then when she realized that his responses were more rapid ("They're arriving faster now"), Cyrano told her: ("They're now used to the exercise"); when she described how she was above him ("I'm standing here in the skies"), he replied: ("One harsh word from so high could make my heart die")
  • Cyrano kept up the charade and refused to join her in person; he told her he was using his "true voice" that sounded altered to her: ("Let us stay near but talk without seeing each other...It's quite wonderful - in darkness. You see a cloak of blackness. I see a dress of summer white. I'm but a shadow. You are a light. I'm using my true voice... In this dark night which protects me, I can be myself")
  • and then Cyrano realized how he regretted deceptively pantomiming his true love: ("It's a crime, in love, to play this pantomime. There always has to come a moment. And I pity those who know it not. When we a noble love attain but each pretty word causes pain....All those, all those, all those which come. Everything, I throw away. I'm stifling! I love you. This is no game! My heart cries your name! I've loved you every passing day. Last year, on the twelfth of May, you changed the style of your hair. I was dazzled by its bright flare. Do you understand? Do you realize? Do you feel my soul rise to the skies? Everything tonight is so wonderful, so sweet. I speak, you listen. Me, at your feet! Even in my sweetest dreams, I never planned on this. Now I must die.")

(Anne Brochet)

Christian de Neuvillette
(Vincent Perez)

Cyrano de Bergerac (Gerard Depardieu)


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