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The Crying Game (1992)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Crying Game (1992, UK)

In Irish writer/director Neil Jordan's jolting thriller:

  • the scene of IRA volunteer soldier Jimmy/Fergus (Stephen Rea) visiting gorgeous-looking androgynous, London nightclub singer/hairdresser Dil (Oscar-nominated Jaye Davidson) - known as the 'wee black chick' that Jody loved, to fulfill kidnapped/dead British soldier Jody's (Forest Whitaker) dying wish
  • after kissing each other, the superbly unexpected moment of transgender revelation when Dil's red kimono robe dropped to the floor as the camera panned down to show off 'his' true gender and manhood, followed by his apology to the shocked Fergus: "You did know, didn't you?"
The Major Plot Twist: Dil's Revelation of Manhood to Jimmy/Fergus
See Sex in Films Section for Full Reveal

  • the tearful "interrogation" scene between a gun-toting Dil and Fergus, whom Dil had tied to his bed after finding out he had been complicit in the death of his ex-lover Jody, as the song "The Crying Game" played on Dil's tape deck. With a gun pointed at him, Fergus told Dil that he loved him: ("I love you Dil"), would do anything for him: ("I'd do anything for you, Dil") and would never leave him - with Dil responding, as he laid his head on Fergus' chest/shoulder: "I know you're lying, Jimmy, but it's nice to hear it"
  • the scene of Dil's vengeful murder of Fergus' accomplice Jude (Miranda Richardson), a femme fatale IRA accomplice/assassin, when he accused her of being implicated in Jody's death - she had allegedly entrapped Jody by seducing him while he was intoxicated - and thereby had fooled him: "You was there, wasn't you? You used those tits and that ass to get him, didn't you?!"
  • following Jude's death, Dil held the gun on Fergus, who had untied himself from the bed, but Dil couldn't pull the trigger; Fergus reassuringly took the gun away when Dil put the gun in his mouth to commit suicide, and asked him with deep love and caring to run away (and hide out until later) - promising Dil he would see him again; after Dil fled, the police arrived on the street below; Fergus took the gun, wiped Dil's fingerprints from it (thereby replacing Dil's prints with his own), and then awaited the police's arrival - he took the fall for Dil, and received a sentence of six years

Dil With Jimmy/Fergus After Revelation

Dil's Murder of Jude, Fergus' Accomplice

Dil's Threat to Kill Himself

Fergus/Jimmy Awaiting Arresting Police


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