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The Company of Wolves (1984)


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The Company of Wolves (1984)

In director Neil Jordan's stylish fantasy horror film that updated the folklore fable/fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood:

  • the troubled dreams of a pubescent, almost 13 years old Rosaleen (Sarah Patterson) on the verge of sexual awakening, wearing her sister's lipstick (and symbolically Little Red Riding Hood), that expressed her fearful anxieties about men and approaching womanhood and sexuality
  • the scene of Rosaleen's revenge-dream of her "killing" off her older sister Alice (Georgia Slowe) in a fairy-tale wooded forest by wolves
  • Rosaleen's visit with her matronly Granny (Angela Lansbury), who gave cautionary fairy tales and advice ("Once upon a time...") about wolves while knitting a red protective shawl-cloak for Rosaleen: "Never stray from the path, never eat a windfall apple, and never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle," and "Oh, they're nice as pie until they've had their way with you. But once the bloom is gone... oh, the beast comes out"; Granny's advice was to not stray from the path
  • in the woods on her way to her Granny's house in the woods, Rosaleen's meeting of a handsome, attractive and tempting Huntsman (Micha Bergese) - who transformed into a wolf with its snout forcing its way out through his gaping mouth, killed the Granny, and encouraged her to rid herself of her shawl
  • the scene of a pregnant witchy forest woman (Dawn Archibald) cursing everyone at a 19th century wedding party and horrifically transforming the newlyweds and their families into long-snouted werewolves
  • one of Granny's tales, told to Rosaleen, in which a Young Bride's (Kathryn Pogson) missing Young Groom (Stephen Rea) appeared many years later in her log cabin where she was living with her new second husband (Jim Carter); angered and jealous, the Young Groom ripped open his face to expose his "hairy" insides in another werewolf transformation scene, before being killed by her new husband
  • the final scene of a lone wolf crashing into Rosaleen's real waking-life bedroom window as she screamed

(Angela Lansbury)

(Sarah Patterson)

Huntsman Transformed Into Wolf

Missing Young Groom Transformed into Werewolf

Wolf Crashing Through Rosaleen's Bedroom Window


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