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Cinderella (1950)


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Cinderella (1950)

In Disney's superbly-animated, mid-century, musical fantasy masterpiece (based on the 1697 fairy tale classic by Charles Perrault) - the first of Disney's feature animations to be turned into a live-action cinematic effort (in 2015):

  • the "Once upon a time, in a far-away land" phrase in the hard-bound storybook opening was brought to life by the Narrator (Betty Lou Gerson)
  • the kind-hearted, hard-working Cinderella (voice of Ilene Woods) was introduced with her cruel, widowed stepmother Lady Tremaine (voice of Eleanor Audley) and two nasty, selfish, vain and ugly step-sisters, the older Drizella (voice of Rhoda Williams) and younger Anastasia (voice of Lucille Bliss), who treated her like a scullery maid and ordered her to do laundry and clean the house; her only friends were farm animals (benevolent mice and chirping birds)
  • in his castle, the King (voice of Luis Van Rooten), interested in grandchildren via the marriage of his son The Prince (voice of William Phipps), ordered the Grand Duke (voice of Luis Van Rooten) to invite every eligible maiden in the kingdom to a Royal Ball
  • after the Royal Ball was announced, Cinderella - with the help of her animal friends, including Jaq and mouse Gus (voice of James MacDonald) (who were often chased by Lucifer, Lady Tremaine's cat) and flying bluebirds, created a pink ball gown from scraps of discarded fabric - but then after it was destroyed by her stepsisters and was left in tattered rags, the Fairy Godmother (voice of Verna Felton) appeared and magically transformed the dress into a beautiful, sparkling white ball gown ("Why, it's like a dream!"), accompanied by two glass slippers; the Fairy Godmother also cautioned Cinderella to return by midnight before the spell would end
Fairy Godmother's Transformations: Pink Ball Gown to White Ball Gown

Mice: Gus and Jaq

The Pink Gown

Cinderella's Transformed White Ball-Gown
  • the magical wand of the fairy Godmother also performed other transformations: a pumpkin into a carriage, four mice into horses, the bloodhound dog Bruno into a footman and old horse Major into a coach-man driver, accompanied by the the Fairy Godmother's singing of the Oscar-nominated song, "Bibbidy-Bobbidi-Boo" (aka The Magic Song) with nonsensical lyrics
  • during the Royal Ball, Cinderella waltz-danced with the smitten Prince Charming (singing voice of Mike Douglas) and they sang: "So This Is Love"; as midnight approached, Cinderella ran off, leaving one of her slippers behind on the staircase; she barely escaped before the coach turned back into a pumpkin
  • the Prince was determined to find the rightful owner of the slipper, and visited each home to try on the slipper; Cinderella's chances of trying it on were sabotaged when her stepmother locked her in the attic of the stone tower
  • in a comical scene when the Grand Duke visited Cinderella's chateau, the obnoxious step-sisters vainly attempted to squeeze their oversized feet into the glass slipper; once Cinderella had been freed by her animal friends who cleverly stole the key and transported it upstairs to unlock the attic door, Lady Tremaine tripped the Page to deliberately smash the slipper; however, Cinderella outwitted them when she produced the second slipper (that she had worn to the ball) that fit perfectly on her foot
  • in the "they lived happily ever after" ending after wedding the Prince - Cinderella rode off in a gold carriage with her new husband

Storybook Opening

Cinderella's Cruel Step-Sisters


The Glass Slipper Fits


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