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Children of Men (2006)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Children of Men (2006, UK/US)

In director Alfonso Cuarón’s bleak but visually-brilliant, apocalyptic science-fiction chase-thriller:

  • the opening scene of white-collar government bureaucrat, civil servant and ex-activist Theo Faron (Clive Owen) on his way to work on London's Fleet Street in fascist-run, terrorist-riddled England in the dystopic year 2027 - in the midst of a civil war - when a suicide bomber blast occurred a few steps away
  • the views of society collapsing after two decades of human infertility, leading to the film's long and heroic journey to the utopian Human Project on the coast to protect a miraculously-pregnant woman, and the scene of the terrifying road-ambush scene - filmed from the POV inside the car in a long unbroken shot - when Theo's estranged ex-lover/wife Julian Taylor (Julianne Moore), the leader of the insurgent underground Fishes revolutionary group, was shot in the neck and died shortly after
  • the scene of African fugee (short for refugee) Kee (Claire-Hope Ashitey) revealing to Theo her extended pregnant belly (the first pregnancy in the world in about 18 years) and telling him that she trusted him
  • their thrilling escape from the 'safe house' when Theo attempted to jump-start their vehicle by coasting downhill
  • their seeking of refuge at the hidden-in-the-woods home of Theo's long-haired, dope-smoking hippie friend Jasper Palmer (Michael Caine) - and the scene of Jasper's execution (after he had euthanized his catatonic wife with a Quietus suicide-kit) with his "pull my finger" joke
  • the amazing, single-shot scene of Theo assisting Kee in the birth of her baby girl in a crumbling, cold Bexhill apartment building in the refugee camp and internment center area
Rare Pregnancy and Birth
  • the film's most magical moment when Theo and Kee (with her crying baby in her arms) descended the stairs in the midst of a bloody siege and uprising (filmed continuously with a hand-held camera) surrounding a Bexhill apartment building - and the British soldiers and other combatants stood back momentarily in quiet awe
  • the hopeful final scene in which Theo (wounded during the skirmish) slumped over in a rowboat and died at the same moment that they reached the buoy rendezvous point with the Human Project's ship Tomorrow's appearance in the fog

Opening Sequence


Julian Taylor's Death

Theo's Death


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