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The Blue Angel (1930)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Blue Angel (1930, Germ.) (aka Der Blaue Engel)

In Josef von Sternberg's erotic drama, a star-making role for Marlene Dietrich, and the first feature-length German full-talkie:

  • the captivating and alluring image of leggy, black-stockinged temptress Lola Lola Frohlich (Marlene Dietrich) astride a barre with a tilted top hat singing "Falling in Love Again (Can't Help It)" (her signature song) in a sleazy German nightclub cellar (named The Blue Angel Cabaret); she tilted her head to the side, leaned backwards, and grasped one gartered-stockinged leg on bare thighs with her arms; Lyrics: "Falling in love again, Never wanted to, What's a girl to do?, I can't help it, Love's always been my game, Play it how I may, I was made that way, I can't help it"
  • her entrancement of college prep HS teacher Professor Immanuel Rath (Emil Jannings) in the audience
  • the degradation scene in which once-dignified but now disheveled, disgraced and broken Prof. Rath was forced to crow like a rooster in a pathetic clown act for her cabaret troupe's stage show, as Lola was in the arms of her new love interest - strongman Mazeppa (Hans Albers) and kissing him off-stage
  • in the film's sad conclusion, the eventual death of a very destitute and almost insane Rath - consumed by jealousy, hate, remorse, and regret about his abject life of servitude; his body was found draped over his old classroom's master desk where he once taught, with his clenched hand gripping the side of the furniture

Degradation scene of Rath in Clown Costume
Lola Cheating with Strong Man Mazeppa
Death of Rath

Lola Lola "Falling in Love Again"
(Marlene Dietrich)

Prof. Rath
(Emil Jannings)


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