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Blitz Wolf (1942)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Blitz Wolf (1942) (animation short)

In Tex Avery's debut short film (almost ten minutes in length) at MGM, a propagandistic version of Disney's Three Little Pigs (1933) - with the character of a wolfish Adolf Hitler:

  • the modified MGM logo, with the trademark lion Tanner's roaring in four short bursts, to the tune of "Hold That Tiger"
  • the cartoon's Foreword: "The Wolf in this photoplay is NOT fictitious. Any similarity between this Wolf and that (*!!*--%) jerk Hitler is purely intentional!"; P.S. The auto tires used in this photoplay are fictitious." AND WE AIN'T KIDDIN' BROTHER!
  • the traditional story of the three pigs preparing for an invasion of Pigmania by the Wolf: one built his house of straw, one of sticks, and the third (built by Sergeant Pork, a nod to Sergeant York (1941)) resembled a bunker with cannons and armaments
  • the two naive pigs taunted their ditch-digging pal, with a 'fill-in-the-blanks' pause and freeze-frame during the song: ("You're in the Army now, You're not behind a plow, You're diggin' a ditch, ................... (a bitch!), You're in the Army now"); they had signed a worthless Non-Aggression Pact with the Wolf
  • the salivating Wolf's arrival in an armored tank limousine, labeled: DER FEWER (DER BETTER), who held up a sign to the audience, breaking the fourth wall: "GO ON AND HISS! WHO CARES" - and was pelted with tomatoes; and his sneaky, tip-toeing and goose-stepping salute and approach to the homes of the three pigs
  • the Wolf's huffing and puffing at the first pig's house, talking in garbled German (with slightly inaccurate subtitles): "Open up the door, Schnitzel!! Or I'll huff - And I'll puff - And I'll blow your house in!" - and the Wolf blew it down with a DER MECHANIZED HUFFER UND PUFFER
  • the many silly gags, such as the first house of straw blown down, with two signs: "GONE WITH THE WIND" and "Corny Gag Isn't It?", or the hot-foot incendiary bomb, and the labels on the B-bombers, or the listening device with human ears attached
  • the slightly objectionable use of labels for the enemy: NO JAPS ALLOWED, and the prophetic destruction of the island of Japan (and Tokyo) with a massive bomb, followed by a sign popping out of the water: "DOOLITTLE DOOD IT!"
  • the sexual innuendo in the joke about rejuvenating a flaccid cannon barrel with a dose of Vitamin B-1, and the repulsion and deactivation of incoming shells with a copy of ESQUIRE Magazine (with a pin-up on the cover)
  • the conclusion when a bomb drove the Wolf deep into the hot center of the Earth, and he rhetorically asked: "Where am I? Have I been blown to (Hell)?" and a group of red devils with pitchforks answered in unison: "Umm-ya, it's a possibility!" (a catchphrase of the time, attributed to comedian Jerry Colonna)
  • the end credits added two signs: "THE END of ADOLF" and "If You'll Buy a Stamp or Bond - We'll Skin That Skunk Across the Pond!"

The Three Pigs - Preparing for Wolf's Invasion

Wolf (as Hitler) in a Tank Ready to Attack Pigs' Homes

At the First Pig's House

At the Third Pig's House

The Bombing of Japan


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