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American Graffiti (1973)


Written by Tim Dirks

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American Graffiti (1973)

In director George Lucas' homage to his teenage years:

  • the recreation of the feel, landscape, and sounds of the early 60s and small-town America, especially the vintage cars and dragsters, drive-ins (Mel's), an almost non-stop rock soundtrack, teenage activities (hot rod cruisin' and makin' out), and characteristic hair and clothing styles
  • the moment at a stoplight when a pretty blonde driver, a mysterious dream girl (unknown actress Suzanne Somers) in a white '56 Thunderbird mouthed the words "I Love You" behind her closed car window to enthralled Curtis Henderson (Richard Dreyfuss) adjacent to her on the strip. He quickly rolled down his window and asked as she pulled away: "What did you say? Wait! What did you say? What did you say?" He then begged driver friend Steve (Ron Howard) and his girlfriend Laurie (Cindy Williams) to follow the T-Bird: ("I just saw a vision, I saw a goddess. Come on, you gotta catch up to her...Laurie, I'm tellin' you, this was the most perfect, dazzling creature I've ever seen...Come on, she spoke to me. She spoke to me right through the window. I think she said: 'I love you.' That means nothing to you people? You have no romance, no soul? She's someone wants me, someone roaming the streets wants me. Will ya turn the corner?")

The Dream Girl in a White '56 Thunderbird: "I Love You"

Curtis Henderson (Richard Dreyfuss)


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