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L'Age D'Or (1930)


Written by Tim Dirks

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L'Age D'Or (1930, Fr.) (aka The Age of Gold, or The Golden Age)

L'Age D'Or (1930, Fr.) (aka The Age of Gold, or The Golden Age)

In Buñuel's follow-up surrealistic feature film to the previous year's short Un Chien Andalou (1929) - a disjointed historically-significant film (co-scripted by Salvador Dali) --- it was denounced by the Roman Catholic Church (for a blasphemous castle orgy scene involving a Jesus Christ look-alike rapist in the film's ending). It was also censored or banned by a few governments, impounded in some cases, sparked riots in theaters, and was considered controversial (pornographic and offensive):

  • the plot: two passionate yet frustrated lovers, a Man (Gaston Modot) and Young Girl (Lya Lys), were being kept from one another and repressed by the pious bourgeois establishment (and their families and society in general) for fear of them having sex together
  • the opening documentary sequence was on the topic of scorpions, a contrast to human behavior
  • the film featured indelible images of lovers in wet beach-mud attempting to make love to each other but the two were interrupted by Catholic dignitaries; and the sight of the sexually-frustrated young woman performing fellatio on the toes of a religious marble statue in a garden
  • other surrealistic images: mitred arch-bishops turning skeletal while perched on coastal rocks, a milking cow then standing in a young woman's bed, a cart driven by a horse through an elegant drawing room, and some acts of violence (a dog kicked, a beetle stomped and squished on rocks, a blind man pushed down with a foot to his stomach, a foot crushing a violin on pavement, a slap in the face to a girlfriend's mother, and a shooting after a theft), and most surprisingly, a burning tree, a priest or bishop, a huge wooden plow, the bishop's staff, a giraffe statue, and pillow feathers thrown out a window

Skeletal Arch-Bishops on Coastal Rocks

Milking Cow on Bed
  • in the heretical ending, long-bearded and white-robed Duke of Blangis (Lionel Salem), a Jesus look-alike, raped a young woman in a castle, then emerged near a crucifix adorned with five female scalps blowing in the wind
Duke of Blangis and Crucifix with Female Scalps

Scorpion Documentary

Amorous Lovers in Wet Beach-Mud

Sucking Statue's Toes


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